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January 1st, 2017

Dear ZFSguru users,

It has been quite a journey! What started with a discussion on the HardOCP forums about ZFS being too difficult for ordinary people, resulted in me taking on the role as developer and leader of a project that had an ambition: to enable novice users to gain access to the latest and greatest of storage technology: ZFS - still the standard today. ZFSguru did so without the steep learning curve often associated with existing solutions. In other words, ZFSguru is the easiest of all storage platforms and while still immature, it offered many special features unique to ZFSguru.

One such feature ought to be the ability to install directly to a ZFS pool - ZFSguru was one of the first to adopt this new technology. Another key feature was the free way to partition your disks and use a wide number of storage configurations unsupported by many other storage platforms. Other solutions struggle or forbid configurations such as allowing a single SSD to be used for multiple tasks (regular storage, L2ARC caching and sLOG separate log device). Though still having rough edges, the ability to install additional applications through so called ZFSguru services gave users the touch of a button to add new functionality to their server. This aided well in the philosophy that there should not be too much clutter that the user doesn't actually use ('bloat') but rather allow the user control over what functionality is desired, sometimes deviating wildly from the traditional role of a dedicated NAS server. To accommodate all users, a wide variety of add-ons had to be made available.

Not all went well, however. Having experimented with torrent distribution in the past, this proved to be unstable and unreliable and buggy, after which the idea was abandoned and multiple 'slave' download servers were envisioned with the GuruDB database model, leading to the 0.3 release. ZFSguru was and still is quite unique in its properties. Most other storage platforms were based on NanoBSD, while ZFSguru designed and maintained its own build infrastructure, always a step ahead of the competition in terms of release versions. This has proven desirable by many to support the latest hardware or to test the latest graphics drivers in a graphical desktop.

However, brave ambitions were not enough to cope with the fact that we have severely limited developer time resources - we are not getting paid to do the many many hours of work necessary to make this project a success. Despite this fact, however, we persevered in our intent to continue development of the project. After a long and fruitful discussion we came to agreement that major changes are needed to secure the future of the project. On the long term, the current course was deemed not to be viable any longer. Instead, developer CiPHER offered reasonable alternatives that could result in a grand future for the project. To allow him the opportunity to develop the project to his liking, I am hereby turning over leadership of the project to developer CiPHER, as well as assigning all copyright to him associated with the project. I have full confidence in his skills, his ideas and his motivation to guide the project to its new destination. Though I will not completely disappear and may continue to work on the background on and off, I will consider it to be the project of CiPHER from now on. He is the new project leader!

Both developer CiPHER and I feel strongly about our users. In particular, we would like to use this opportunity to ask what YOU want the future of ZFSguru to be! Please speak up and voice your ideas - you do not need to be technically skilled to provide feedback. For example, explain what things were good in your eyes, but also mention things too difficult or deficient. And if you have ideas about the future direction of the project, then please voice them as well! We are listening!

As my final deed today, I want to thank all my users who have been patient, even when I was unavailable to help them several times in the past. I did try to give you a good and honest product however and never asked any money for it. I even refused multiple donation offers as I felt that accepting money might raise expectations which I was unable to guarantee. Yet, the warm words of many, praising this little underdog project, were both reassuring and motivating - enough gratitude for me! Thank you all! :)

May 2017 turn out to be a great year!

Jason - Project Founder

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