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Posted on 27 October 2016 @ 05:25
Is any way to remove the hot spares from the pool? I initially assigned one hard drive as hot spare to the pool but now I realized the hard spares does not work so far. Is any way I can release that specific drive off the hot spares? Thanks

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Posted on 27 October 2016 @ 20:16
Yes, though i am uncertain whether that works through the web-interface. You can try it on the Pools page when you click your pool. The device list will have a drop down box on the right side. There should be an option to remove it from the pool.

Otherwise, the zpool remove command should work on the command line:

     zpool remove pool device ...

Removes the specified device from the pool. This command currently
only supports removing hot spares, cache, and log devices. A mirrored
log device can be removed by specifying the top-level mirror for the
log. Non-log devices that are part of a mirrored configuration can be
removed using the "zpool detach" command. Non-redundant and raidz
devices cannot be removed from a pool.
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