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Posted on 31 January 2016 @ 18:49
I first started using the ZFSGuru web-int on Chrome, but when I got to the Samba Permissions I recognized that I should use Firefox for this... OK, not a problem. Opened Samba Permissions in Firefox ( http://192.168.x.x/access.php?share=ShareName ), and I was able to configure my *first* Share's permissions using the misplaced Drag'n'Drop function. Move on to the *second* Share, none of the Drag'n'Drop script works., Same with the *third* share, and so on. Right off the bat on the *first* share, I noticed that going to per-share Advanced option (right of Permissions) offered a 'Write List' AND a 'Read List' since it was configured appropriately. However, unconfigured or partially configured shares do NOT List the 'Read List' variable. It would be extremely helpful if each unconfigured Samba share had the option to edit both the Write AND the Read List. This would minimize misconfigured Samba shares resulting from the Drag'n'Drop Permissions configuration.

Possibly consider making the Permissions config use a cross-compatible Drag'N'Drop script since this implementation is only compatible with a single Browser/renderer at the moment.

This, and using a different approach to configure Permissions for Samba (lacking Drag'n'Drop altogether) might work better. What do you think?

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