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Posted on 2 December 2015 @ 20:31

It appears that only 1 NFS network share works in 0.3.1 (base FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p1 #0 r287022)
Addition of another NFS network share for a filesystem breaks NFS sharing for that filesystem (other filesystems continue to work)
The NFS share re-appears OK if from the GUI you go back to just one network share.
The bug is 100% reproducible/reversible.


If subsequent network shares are added via the GUI they appear on same line in

and they look like this (actual IPs have been edited)

/mnt/blue/mickey -network= -network=

However then /mnt/blue/mickey is NOT shared to either network

Instead in /var/log/messages you can see a rejection:

mountd[622]: network/host conflict
bad exports list line /mnt/blue/mickey -network

Maybe multiple networks should appear in /etc/zfs/exports
as multiple lines (they do in FreeNAS )

/mnt/blue/mickey -network=
/mnt/blue/mickey -network=

but of course /etc/zfs/exports is not permanent so trying to edit it is not practical (not that I have tested this) and
anyway I only want to use the GUI

Can anyone else reproduce this problem?
Anyone know of a workaround?


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Posted on 2 December 2015 @ 20:43
I did the test (so I've replied to my own posting) - but the problem remains

if you edit /etc/zfs/exports and put multiple lines

/mnt/blue/mickey -network=
/mnt/blue/mickey -network=

and then do
# /etc/rc.d/mountd reload

a showmount confirms that the NFS share is present and valid for 2 networks

So I suppose the GUI needs to compose /etc/zfs/exports with multiple lines.
But that is for the professionals to decide.

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Posted on 13 March 2019 @ 07:29
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