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Posted on 15 October 2015 @ 07:18
Are you capable of debugging the Gnome desktop environment, and wish to help the ZFSguru project? Here is your chance!

We could use some help in diagnosing the issues with Gnome 3. Some of the issues are:

1. Compile problems with certain ports [this item is to be expanded]

2. Automatic login of 'x11' user account works, but the account is without password and logging out means one cannot login again because a password is requested. Is there no option to login without a password set? It is our wish that the user sets his/her own password, instead of using a default password.

3. Some applications do not work, including the System Monitor and the Gnome Terminal. Those applications did work in Gnome2.

4. The graphical sudo (gksu) does not work; but did work in Gnome2.

5. Virtualbox drivers work only with xorg.conf configuration file, and require different permissions for the x11 user account. Investigation is needed to make the Gnome LiveCD work well with Virtualbox, as well as non-virtualized Intel/AMD graphics hardware.

If you are willing to have a look at these issues, you can download the Gnome3 LiveCD over here:

Any feedback or suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks for your time and effort!

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