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Posted on 21 September 2015 @ 02:26edited 11:48 10s
After these last couple of days failures, I think there may be good to separate true server (no graphical desktop) apps, from desktop stuff. Keeping them together has really messed me up, as I kept trying different things, tempted to mix the desktop with the server stuff, and got nowhere. Just a thought, and thanks for considering.

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Posted on 21 September 2015 @ 03:23
You mean, keep a clear separation between services with (X) graphical frontend and those without? Like Virtualbox which has a normal non-X service and a graphical X service relying on Gnome desktop?

That is already conceived at the Services v2 rewrite. But that will be after the Task Manager functionality arriving in 0.6. So still some time away...

Keep in mind ZFSguru is still in heavy development. So many things you want for - and expect from a mature NAS solution - are not there yet.

PS. your feedback is very much appreciated! We value users like yourself. :)

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Posted on 21 September 2015 @ 12:02
Thank you for the quick reply,Cipher.
I understand the stage zfsguru is in, and will contribute as much as time permits.
Yes, I would have the installation of packages on two pages.
Server pakages, essentials, and add-ons.

And then, on a different page, desktop essential packages and add-ons.
Glad to know they are on the drawing board already.
Thanks again.


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Posted on 17 April 2018 @ 04:22
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