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Posted on 3 February 2015 @ 23:26
I see there is still no option for torrent download. So any possibility to do it soon? And on the second note, where is 11 image? I cant find it in download section. Please note, that I have offline NAS, so I cant just get 10.1 and just do the update. Anyway, torrents would be very convenient way of getting latest images for persons like me. Current system is 8.7 or something. About time to upgrade. Thank you.

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Posted on 12 February 2015 @ 20:58
Hello Aro,

Torrent downloads were abandoned by ZFSguru long ago. The option has been removed from the development branch - soon to be released as the new beta web-interface.

The system images can be downloaded at step 2 of the installation process. This means it does not matter your LiveCD you can download and install a new version if you want. However, using the version on the LiveCD means you do not have to download anything. If the box does not have internet, then first install the LiveCD version, then manually copy the system image file to the download directory (/<pool>/zfsguru/download) and it should be detected.

Or install ZFSguru first on another system, then put the system disk in the other system which does not have internet. ZFSguru like many UNIX systems can boot just fine if you put the system disk in another system.

Instead of torrents, the new upcoming web-interface will use a list of master servers and a list of slave servers. If one goes down, the other will be tried. You can choose your own favourite server close to you. You can also select 'Offline mode' and nothing will be downloaded, but of course then you miss the provided functionality.

PS. Yours is a support question; please try the Support forum next time.

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Posted on 12 February 2015 @ 20:59
Oh, and you can use a USB stick as 'system disk' to boot from. So if you install ZFSguru on a USB stick with the latest version of ZFSguru on it. Then you can use that USB stick to install on systems without internet, with the same latest version of ZFSguru.
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