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Posted on 16 July 2014 @ 20:55edited 20:56 06s
I have released an important update regarding the future of ZFSguru. You may read it here:

Any comments, questions, critique and praise is welcome in this thread!

Kind regards,
CiPHER and Jason

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Posted on 19 July 2014 @ 13:31edited 13:32 28s
hello Jason/CiPHER,
I've been following your enthusiasm on ZFS since early days of HardOCP. This project has granted me quick entry to both ZFS & FreeBSD. Since then, I've used it as a basis to learn and experiment. To be honest, part of the reason was in case ZFSguru was *ever* abandoned. But I'm glad to see an update from you with clear goals.

Things I love about ZFsguru:
- Being full OS. Any user with average experience on linux/BSD could quickly build their own ports. I've been doing it since day 1.
- Easy to use web interface. Who needs to remember all these commands?
- Availability VirtualBox. My server has been serving several VMs for around 3 years

Things that I love to see improved soon:
- version scheme. It always confused me? At beginning releases were tagged by ZFSguru version. Then they were tagged by image version.
- Lack of documentations. I realize the system has been evolving and changing. But for example I'd like to include my own ports in the web interface. If there was a sample package released with every version would be great.
- Tracking system for ticket & request. (yup that's coming)

While all were mentioned in the update. Couldn't help but repeat them for emphasis. Appreciate your time and all efforts invested in this project. It has been valuable addition to me and I'm sure for many users as well.

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Posted on 22 July 2014 @ 02:23
Hi Redhams,

Thanks for your feedback! We love to know what you like and don't like about ZFSguru. :)

About the version scheme, what exactly do you propose? I can understand the confusion, but ZFSguru consists of several parts that can be updated independently of each other. The web-interface, the system image and the services. Each have their versions. You can have beta8 web-interface with 10.1-001 system, or beta9 with 11.1-001 system. Making one version for both things is not easy as you might understand.

Also consider that soon we will be able to release system versions every week or so, while the web-interface releases might be once every few months. I just hope that with the new website, it becomes much clearer what the versions actually mean.

For example, when selecting the system version, we want you to see what services it has, what versions (VirtualBox 4.2.x, 4.3.x, etc).

Jason and i also discussed the web-interface versions. I proposed something like the Firefox version scheme. This is just 1, then 2, then 3. Easy versions. Not 0.2-beta8 for example. Right now i think you can read this simply as: beta8. When Jason thinks ZFSguru is ready for a stable release, the version scheme will be different.

Documentation is important, and i have been writing pieces of documentation i have not yet published. But probably you need to wait for the new website based on Mesa. This makes editing pages much more fun and easy with multiple persons. Since like WikiPedia it has versions of pages, which you can revert etc. And also it will be possible to have personal pages. So when you create your user account you have your own 'homepage' on ZFSguru which is like a wiki that only you can edit. You can put anything on there you want to share with others. Or just things for yourself that you want to remember.

Tracking system for bugs and feature requests, yes i want that too so much! That is why i spent a lot of time on GitLab. It is a beast however... and there is one big bug still preventing deployment. But before i work on that again, i have to get the new alpha server up and running. That might still take some time. Once it is installed in the data center and configured properly, the new website will take priority. Then GitLab and the party can begin!

Do not expect this to be ready next month however, it will take some more time. But hey, once it is ready, ZFSguru will be a much cooler project! :)

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Posted on 22 July 2014 @ 10:21
Jason and CiPHER thank you for the very detailed state update.
I think the new Alpha server has priority and just be sure NAS (mix the letters for your convenience) is interested for huge datasets we are working with. And do not forget to force users (us) to change our login on the new server please.
So keep up the good work,

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Posted on 23 July 2014 @ 19:03edited 24 July 2014 @ 00:35
The firefox-like version format did cross my mind as well. In case you're planning for frequent releases, then it makes sense to slap everything into the image and having them numbered sequentially. Want the new web feature? then update. A bug in the new web interface? rollback to previous image or wait till next release. That should provide better user experience.

I'm looking forward to the next update :)

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Posted on 3 August 2014 @ 21:00
As a new user, installed first system with RAIDZ2 two days ago, I must say I am impressed with the functionality and the polish.

Was looking mainly at NAS4free initially, but after some problems with installing on internal USB stick in a Proliant Microserver I decided to give ZFSguru a shot, and for now I have no regrets. :)

Only problem was having no USB image available, as my microserver has no DVD drive and no external drive was available, but the "install through virtualbox" did the trick. Btw, having an USB image would really help new users like me setting it up more easily.

Reading through the roadmap it looks promising, as it seems to be a complete FreeBSD beneath it I guess you could rather easily install ZFSguru and add any additional needed services using Ports.


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Posted on 5 August 2014 @ 16:36edited 16:50 06s
The bad:
not spotty communication but no communication. No messages of change logs, new versions or added services is in my book no communication whatsoever

horrid slow fixing of web-interface bugs. The fact that the whole beta 9 big thing only works on Firefox is kind of a big bug which keeps being there until you decide to push out beta 10. Just fix that. You gear it towards novices but apparently only the Firefox ones.

It's not the best idea to push out more images without a migration manager. I mean you really think most people just keep updating and upgrading all their packs all over again?

So lots are stubs so why not which to pkgNG packages like it got suggested on a Gathering of Tweakers topic? Not that I have any knowledge over it but from how I looked at it it could have both benefits for users as well as devs.

basically just get the web-interface working that is something very visible and applies to basically everyone and type something when something new comes out and not let it be a total surprise.
I know it's the least interesting part of the project but well kinda is to users.

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Posted on 5 August 2014 @ 16:50
not spotty communication but no communication. No messages of change logs, new versions or added services is in my book no communication whatsoeverThere are quarterly updates on the FreeBSD-page, like this one:

There is a yearly update called 'The State of the Project'.

There are announcements in the forum and forum threads in the Development forum.

There are news-updates on the News page, including the one which announces new services added:

It's not perfect, but that does not mean there is not any communication. :)

horrid slow fixing of web-interface bugs. The fact that the whole beta 9 big thing only works on Firefox is kind of a big bug which keeps being there until you decide to push out beta 10. Just fix that.Beta9 introduced new features which do not work on non-Gecko browsers. The introduced functionality is still kind of experimental. The fact that it works pretty well on Firefox, is already quite good considering there has not been thorough user feedback or bug testing other than Jason and myself.

The 'bug' is that non-Gecko browsers do not fully support drag-and-drop specs; they require additional javascript to make it work. That also means it requires some in-depth work to get it working on other browsers. Considering Jason is hard at work with the automated system builds, this just isn't a huge priority right now.

anything bad idea is releasing more system images without having a migration manager. I mean you really think most people just keep updating and upgrading all their packs all over again?Well we have an expression in Dutch: Rowing with the oars you have got. Meaning: making do with the means available to you. There simply is no Migration Manager yet.

If you do not want to upgrade your system, then don't. If you only want to update packages, you can do that manually using the same mechanics BSD provides. That requires skill, however. The migration manager will allow novice users to easily upgrade their system. But only when it is available. Jason said the Migration Manager is the last remaining feature blocking the first stable release now that Samba drag-and-drop has been implemented.

Keep in mind ZFSguru is still experimental software, not a mature software product.
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