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Posted on 11 July 2014 @ 19:49

I use nas platform since a few year and i've recently tried zgsguru.

First thing: it's awesome. The interface is just brilliant, and the possibility to use the full power of freebsd with also a full graphical environment is pretty much incredible.

I think it will soon used in the company i work for. we really like the possibility to have a 24/7 powered server on which we can run virtual box, rendering software, boinc for support medical research, torrent seeding of various linux OS, web server, and of course vpn server.

now, i've of course a few question.

How is development going?

PS: i noticed that the download is really slow. you can ask university to mirror you. here in italy we've the GAAR MIRROR service. it maintain all sourceforge repository,


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Posted on 16 July 2014 @ 20:58
Dear ddavidebor,

We have just released a statement regarding the future of the project, dubbed the State of the Project. Please click on the News link atop of this page and you'll find it.

Slow downloads will be fixed when the current master server located in the USA is moved to Europe in a new high-speed data center.

Kind regards,
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