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Posted on 23 April 2014 @ 22:11
Hello friends, I have been running the ZFS for over six months now and I am very pleased with its stability. I am a windows man, user for many years, and my experience in Unix based systems is virtually none.
I have started with 9.1.006 and I have recently installed the 10.0.002, yesterday I decided to add an ftp service so I could access some files of mine, while I am away from my LAN, and so I tried downloading and adding the pure ftpd service, Nothing happened, I tried many times, the download procedure would try to start and it would stop at the same point, showing the very same screen without any additional info, as to why it is not downloading...etc...
any idea why it is not functioning? could it be something wrong that I am doing? In the past I have tried and successfully managed to download and install services like mc and similar.
Thank you for your time.
btw I restarted the machine, installing and moving onto the 11.0.001, but I manage to get as far as configuring shh password, and I could not install even mc from the services offered, nor I could add it using pkg_add, that I have managed in the past. How and under what path can I run the pkg_add utility?
Thank you much for your time!
angelo e

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Posted on 23 April 2014 @ 22:24
Hello DearAngelo,

Nice to hear you're a 'Windows man' and have used ZFSguru with success in the past. You are exactly the target audience intended by Jason and myself. Those who can benefit from ZFS technology but may not have the skills to run an advanced UNIX operating system. ZFSguru empowers people of the likes of you to utilise the most advanced filesystem for reliable file storage.

However, ZFSguru is still growing and at the moment not very mature yet. We have only two master servers, and today one of them is down. Some services are only on that server, meaning you cannot use them. Even worse, the interface has a known bug that when the file is missing, no error message is being displayed. You only get an error if the transfer at least begun (and then failed).

So this is a temporary issue that is not related to you in any way. However, do note that the use of pkg_add is depricated. The new method is 'pkg install' without the underscore (_). This is called pkgNG or package New Generation. Do know that after using the 'pkg' utility, new installations of ZFSguru services may fail. So install all ZFSguru services you want prior to using pkgNG.

With the bravo server still offline for the moment, you can maybe try the latest release: 10.1-001. This is more up to date than the 11.0-001 image and has the same graphics capabilities and services. Best yet: all the services for this image are located as well on the alpha server, which is still online.

See this thread for a download link:

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Posted on 24 April 2014 @ 09:42
Thank you much for the prompt and fast response. Congratulations on your so complex and successful task, I will be on the lookout for the servers to be up again. Have a nice day.

PS Perhaps it would be a good idea for a series to explain and relate, Unix simple steps to a DOS users, like install-ways, what is this, that etc... ports, services, daemons, much like a glossary, but a step by step in order to install a very basic system? Being a man of "hands on" approach, I have manage to learn few steps and assume some more, but the landscape (in regard to a simple freeBSD setup) is for the knowledgeable ones and there is virtually nothing for the newcomers... a glossary? a step by step?
someone should start something...
again, have a nice day from Athens

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Posted on 25 April 2014 @ 02:50edited 02:51 30s
Finally managed to download and install the new stable 10.1.001 and also managed to download the pureftpd. Despite all my efforts, It did not start, in neither of the two versions I have installed
ie on 10.0.002 and 10.1.001. The only success I had, was with installing the ProFTPd, that I installed it and started it on the 10.1.001 ver. Any ideas?
also, right after the installation, it would be a prompt, saying something about rebooting restarting the web interface? what that would be? I did complete reboots and nothing happened...
angelo e
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