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Posted on 9 February 2011 @ 21:02
I was curious if ZFS Guru makes use of the available power saving states and throttling on cpu's and gpu's? I know disk spindown isn't implemented yet but nothing was mentioned about these. I came across this article that I found pretty interesting. I am more used to Windows and a little bit of OSX which these features are built into. I did not know in FreeBSD you have to actively enable them.

Here's the article in question:

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Posted on 9 February 2011 @ 22:50edited 22:50 25s
Basically power saving is done my powerd, most common of which is the throttling of CPU frequency (and voltage if supported).

powerd is active by default on ZFSguru, and as such would save power automatically once it is booted; LiveCD, Embedded or Root-on-ZFS won't matter; all three have powerd active in default configuration.

powerd will set your CPU at the lowest performance level (400MHz or 1.0GHZ or so) when it is not used, and will 'ramp up' the CPU frequency when reaching a configurable threshold. Once the CPU-intensive task has finished, powerd will let your CPU idle to low frequency/voltage settings again.

For Intel, this doesn't appear to save much power. EIST never shaved double digits off from Intel CPUs. For AMD this feature is a must, however. Power consumption can be lowered by about 25W depending on which chip, by using the Cool'n'Quiet clock throttling/voltage scaling feature. So especially AMD systems would want this kind of thing.

Separate from these are C1E power savings. I'm not sure but I believe those are BIOS controlled and thus need no OS-support to function.

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Posted on 4 January 2012 @ 17:25edited 17:25 31s
Does this include fan control?

What about including harddrive spin up and spin down after idle periods of time?

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Posted on 3 February 2013 @ 15:39edited 15:41 44s
If we could have full control of rpms of all hdds, that would be fantastic. And fan speed when in full load and idle could be ajustible... ach, my fantasies...

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Posted on 8 February 2013 @ 10:14
Full control of rpms of harddrives? Hmm, unlike popular belief, harddrives only work on one speed that cannot change. Some people believe 'IntelliPower' is dynamic rpm between 5400rpm en 7200rpm. This is not true! It only means one batch gets 5450rpm and the others gets 5350rpm.

There is no such thing as dynamic rpm for harddrives. The only thing where that works is spindown; but the harddrive only can be operational/usable on one static rpm speed.

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Posted on 9 February 2013 @ 12:17
My point was, that some need good speed, some need only safe storage(like me), but are forced to buy fast hdds because of the price or other circumstances. As for me, they could go 4200 no problem, only rising if need to scub/repair, than speedy recovery might come handy. And for most home users it would help, like having staggered spinup, starting slow, using less power. Im familiar with current hdds, but im talking about when sometimes good is not good enough for you.

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Posted on 17 October 2018 @ 05:09
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