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Posted on 27 August 2015 @ 17:17
I have use ZFSGuru for many years and I've come to understand why and how it works. I like it very much and would prefer to continue with Zfsguru for my NAS rather than using a vanilla FreeBSD installation.

However I have one to many machines at home and want to consolidate my PC desktop dual booting windows and linux with my storage server that is running ESXi + ZFSguru. It's a Supermicro X10SLL, E3-1240 with 32 GB ECC and a LSI9211-8i passed through to ZFSGuru as a guest OS.

I'm in no way married to ESXi and would rather see it go.

My question is, what are my alternatives for OS and software if I want to add a head to my headless server and use it with some kind of libre desktopsystem system or Windows?

My options are:
- Run ESXi and one VM with ZFSguru with passthrough HBA and one VM with passthrough GPU as a desktop system, preferably some Linux variant that don't lag behind the curve or Windows.

- Run KVM under Linux and Zfsguru as a VM.

- Run FreeBSD and manage ZFS myself or run BeHyVe with Zfsguru as a VM.

- Windows + HyperV and ZfsGuru in a VM

As I understand it Zfsguru will not run in a Jail. If my base OS is FreeBSD it would make sense to add the webGUI from ZFSGuru to that installation and not bother with virtualization at all, the only reason to virtualize the NAS part is to be able to run Zfsguru as I think that its wasteful for the storage server to use all that idling cpu-power and RAM for just storage.

What is the best platform for running ZfsGuru as a guest and still have decent graphics on the same box?

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Posted on 8 March 2018 @ 10:16edited 10:16 56s
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Posted on 15 October 2018 @ 01:07
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