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Posted on 3 November 2013 @ 10:37
Hello all, this is my first post although I have been reading a lot here. I have decided to go with the ZFS file system and it appears that FreeBSD is the fastest file server operating system out there so this seems like a logical choice.

This is a 'from scratch build' and I need advice. I will be building this at my house for my parents. Keep in mind that once the server is in place the internet connection is terrible.


1.) Must support 3d 1080p .mkv streaming to one device, several other local devices may also be streaming non-3d 720p content elsewhere on the gigabit network. It will also be streaming music, but I don't really see that as a bane on any system really.

2.) I would like to use Plex because I've been using it for quite some time now. I'm not against XBMC - I just know absolutely nothing about it.

3.) I need a backup system that works like this:

a.) Directory Structure on a Windows 7 machine syncs on local network to folder on ZFS machine anytime it is connected to the network (think dropbox in theory)

b.) Then the folder on the ZFS machine syncs to a cloud storage drive in a dropbox like way, running at night when no one is using the internet.

c.) Supports incremental, and daily snapshots

d.) While not a easy to use web GUI would be nice for checking statuses and making restores...


Currently I am running into a problem with determining what motherboard I need to support 3x4TB drives in a raidz2 + 1SSD O/S drive. (All 6GB/s SATA devices)


Do I need a seperate raid controller?

8 GB Memory should be enough right?

Which Operating system?
FreeNAS? Nas4Free? Open Indiana? I'm so lost here too


I'm thinking an i5 3350p should be sufficient for all of this. Although I suppose going cheapers isn't a bad thing.

As for the drives I was thinking about using the WD Reds
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