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Posted on 14 May 2013 @ 14:18
I have a system that is limited to 16GB, and would like to add a SSD to speed up reads and writes. I have an intel 320 80GB set aside for this, but how large should the L2ARC be given that I only have 16GB ram. I understand that the larger the L2ARC, the more ram is used to keep track of it, but by how much? The unit contains a pool of 14 2TB drives, divided into 2 7 drive raidz2 groups.

If there is room left on the SSD, can I also put a ZIL partition on the SSD as well?

Thanks for the help

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Posted on 20 May 2013 @ 14:19
1. if you use glabel you have to use it for everything (I do). I never really got partitions to work right this way so I burn that same intel 320 80gb as a zil. then I got a samsung 830 (get an 840 pro if you are buying new) as the l2arc. The issue is that all l2arc uses ram so it reduces your arc which is bad. On a 24gb ram system, I'd suggest a 120gb l2arc which with glabel means using a drive that size.

get this stats thingy

put it in ~/ and run it with:
perl ./

I have a 250gb l2arc but because the arc_meta_size has risen to the arc_meta_limit it doesn't use more than about 120 and thats with a 12gb arc_meta_size setting. So it's not just about the pointers to l2arc that use ram (I think it's about 1gb ram per 50gb of l2arc), unless you have a bunch of huge files you run out of metadata room.

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