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Posted on 21 May 2012 @ 04:26
Although FreeBSD 9 is more efficient in terms of energy, it still consumes more energy than a Linux and especially a Windows OS. Although ZFSguru does by default change the multiplier of the processor, it neglects another obvious way to save energy, turn off the IGP (the internal graphics card).

Unfortunately I can't get it to do the thing I want it to..turn off the IGP. Without a doubt this is the result of my lacking BSD knowledge, but searching the Internet doesn't help that much on this matter. Right now I can just have it turn off the monitor (the IGP doesn't send a signal), but I'm not totally convinced it does indeed turn it off. Although I did spot an occasional drop by 5W, the box is typically 5W above this all time low.
What I did to turn off the monitor is to add ### saver=”green” blanktime=”30” scrnmap=”NO" ### (apart from the ###) to /etc/rc.conf . This results in the monitor to go into standby after 30 seconds.
At moments as these I'm jealous of Linux and Windows users. Windows typically has good drivers (for obvious reasons). But also on Linux there are some serious efforts nowadays. Some improvements were added to quite a few kernel changes. Furthermore there are websites such as with applications such as powertop. Some of the tricks do apply to AMD too. But unfortunately regarding FreeBSD the pages typically solely state the multiplier and voltage drops and some other basic stuff, such as these: .

Hopefully some of you have some nice tips to share.

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Posted on 22 July 2012 @ 12:13
This is indeed an important area where FreeBSD could make more progress. I think that if you enable the binary graphics driver it would support power management for discrete GPU (ATi/nVidia). But for IGP (graphics in the chipset/CPU) this might be different. I don't know how FreeBSD handles the IGP of Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge CPUs.

You can often disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS configuration. But then you have to reset the CMOS to get video output again, or add a discrete GPU. So better power saving is something i look forward to!

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Posted on 20 June 2018 @ 08:51
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Posted on 7 July 2018 @ 14:14
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Posted on 10 July 2018 @ 08:50
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Posted on 27 November 2018 @ 06:00
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