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Posted on 10 November 2011 @ 14:55
I've read what RAID-Z3 need powerful system, want to know if my system can handle with it.
I have AMD770 chipset mainboard with 16gb ram and 4-core 3.0Ghz amd processor.
I plan to create storage from 24 2tb drives, attached via Sil3132 and Sil3114 plus 6 internal on mainboard.
Currently i have 8 drives(different size 200gb-2tb) not in any raid or mirror, they work under UFS.

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Posted on 10 November 2011 @ 21:33
Yes, you will be fine.

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Posted on 11 November 2011 @ 00:27
16GiB RAM and quadcore is fine, of course. But your Silicon Image controllers are not and will limit performance considerably. The SiI3114 is a PCI controller and has some bad bugs as well.

I highly recommend you to invest in a good controller, for example two times IBM M1015 flashed with IT-mode firmware. That is a PCI-express 2.0 x8 controller and connects 8 normal SATA disks using 2 Mini-SAS cables (which each split into 4 SATA connectors). The cables often have to purchased separately. With two of these controllers, you have 16 devices to be connected. With your motherboard ports that would make 22. Still 2 short I guess? You could use your SiI-3132 controller for that, PCI-express 1.0 x1 (250MB/s), but it would limit performance of the whole pool. ZFS is quite sensitive to that.

My recommendation:

1) use 3 controllers so all 24 disks can be on SAS controllers, leaving your motherboard SATA free for SSDs either now or in the future.

2) use 2 controllers but create two RAID-Z2 instead of one big RAID-Z3, which is not really recommended anyway! A 10-disk RAID-Z2 is also optimal for 4K sector disks which many 2TB disks are.

I do have to note that currently harddrives are excessively expensive due to the Thailand floods. Perhaps you could start with one RAID-Z2 of 10 disks and add another RAID-Z2 of 10 disks later? That also means you only need one controller, for now.

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Posted on 11 May 2018 @ 09:30
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