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Posted on 12 January 2016 @ 23:50
I have the following hardware with intention to build NAS to store files I don't want to keep on my notebook, mainly RAW photos:
- Gigabyte H97N
- Intel Core i3 4170
- 6x 2TB hard drives
- other less important stuff like PSU, case, USB flash

I'm considering the configuration for the software. Originally I thought about NAS only solution based on Rockstor, NAS4Free, FreeNAS... but later as I found the potential of the Gigabyte motherboard I decided I would like to connect it to my large screen TV to watch movies to utilize the HDMI potential for 4K. An now I found than ZFSguru probably outperforms NAS4Free or FreeNAS, plus RAID-Z2 sound extremely compelling.

Now, I wonder what path would be better to achieve my goals. Install XEN as the hypervisor and then have two domains, one for ZFSguru, another for some XBMC distribution. It seems XEN would allow me to give full access to graphics to the guest system. The advantage is I have two clearly separated solutions, and then can easily split if I want upgrade my HW. But the problem is the memory - 8GB doesn't seem to be large amount to split between two VM instances. Plus the complexity, however a lot new things to learn.

Cursory look at the forum seem to show, that the marriage of the water with the fire is possible on single ZFSguru system as it can act as more "full-fledged" FreeBSD. However details are still unknown for me.

I'd like others to share their experience with both approaches if anyone can say anything really constructive.

Additional questions are: Can ZFSguru be installed and booted from USB drive? I'd like to use my HDDs only to store data. Can XEN be installed and booted from USB drive? Alternatively from HDD connected over USB. My motherboard allows to boot from USB 3.0 devices.

Thanks for advice.


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Posted on 7 June 2016 @ 22:21
Hi there, i am completely new to this but I saw one of your questions and think I know the answer (yay!)

@Can ZFSguru be installed and booted from USB drive?
Yes, see:

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Posted on 10 July 2016 @ 23:16
You will find the most benefit from installing ZFSguru directly on the hardware. Putting a hypervisor between ZFS and the disks will likely impact performance, and complicate troubleshooting any problems.

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Posted on 14 October 2018 @ 03:08
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