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Posted on 1 November 2012 @ 10:45
A new system image based on FreeBSD 9.1-RC3 is available and it tagged as 9.1-004.

This system image has updated configuration files and is compiled to enable:
  • AMD Brazos temperature sensor
  • OFED Infiniband networking
  • Device polling (enable polling with: ifconfig re0 polling)
  • AltQ traffic shaping

Please note that device polling is only enabled for these network interfaces: bge, dc, em, fwe, fwip, fxp, ixgb, nfe, nge, re, rl, sf, sis, ste, stge, vge, vr and xl.
AltQ traffic shaping requires pf firewall with suitable /etc/pf.conf configuration.

This version is not compiled with Intel KMS support. I plan to release a KMS-enabled system image soon.

To upgrade to this system image, use the experimental LiveCD on the download page, or upgrade your running system via System->Install procedure.

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