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Posted on 9 November 2011 @ 16:16edited 16:18 56s
A new system image based on FreeBSD 9.0-RC1 is available and it tagged as 9.0-002.

This version has a more modern but still experimental version of FreeBSD. It will be superseded by 9.0-003 once FreeBSD 9.0 final is released.

In addition to a newer version of FreeBSD, this system image contains the following changes:
  • Fixes a security vulnerability related to web-interface authentication (more information)
  • Changes to the ZFSguru console menu, with improved shell feedback.
  • Now enables colored directory output by default (i.e. ls -l /)

Beware however, that no service addons are planned for this release. I will start releasing service addons for the 9.0 final when it comes out! So if you require service addons, please stick to the 8.3-001 release!

To upgrade to this system image, use the experimental LiveCD on the download page, or upgrade your running system via System->Install procedure.

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