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Posted on 9 November 2011 @ 14:55edited 14:58 10s
I'm pleased to announce that ZFSguru version 0.1.9 is released and available! This release should add many usability enhancements, making ZFSguru more user friendly and more polished.

You can upgrade to the new version on the System->Update page. Please note that a small bug exists when upgrading from 0.1.9-RC2 that tells you it could not properly detect your version. This is harmless, just click the Stable upgrade button.

In addition, new LiveCD images will be available soon. It contains both the new 0.1.9 web-interface as well as an experimental system image based on FreeBSD 9.0-RC1. Enjoy!

Version 0.1.9 changelog
  • Introduces a Welcome Wizard to guide new users through the first steps.
  • Allows protecting ZFSguru from unauthorized access using IP lists and passwords.
  • Allows activating ZFSguru by sending an overview of hardware for statistical purposes.
  • Adds architecture of multiple master servers adding redundancy to remote server files.
  • Adds an "Offline Mode" option to prevent ZFSguru from trying to access any remote resource.
  • Improvements to visual feedback balloons at the top of each page after form submission.
  • Improved visual looks on Internet Explorer browsers (still not perfect!).
  • Redesigned the System->Tuning page to allow easy memory and ZFS tuning options.
  • Adds temperature and voltage sensors on the Status page.
  • Adds a boot delay option when installing ZFSguru needed on some systems.
  • Adds feedback on ashift optimization for Advanced Format disks on the Pools page.
  • Status page: added temperature and voltage data when available.
  • Status->Memory page: displays memory colour map and swap usage.
  • Status->Log page: now features tabs and scrolls to the bottom of the output by default.
  • Disks->SMART page: greatly improved feedback and analysis; now provides easy advice on problems encountered.
  • Disks->I/O monitor page improved with custom and pre-set filters.
  • Disks->Benchmark page: now hides random I/O benchmark images when non-existent.
  • Pools->Create and Pools->Expand page will warn in some cases if you select RAID0 redundancy option.
  • Pools->Benchmark page now displays more information and is easier to understand.
  • Files page now has a separate page when destroying filesystems with children datasets like snapshots.
  • Files page will now remove Samba shares when destroying shared filesystems.
  • Files page now hides ZFSguru system filesystems by default, but allows unhiding them when desired.
  • Improved the System->Preferences page with new options and better structure.
  • System->Preferences page now allows adding CIDR prefixes like instead of only accepting single IP addresses.
  • System->Preferences page now links to a new Activation page to display and modify activation status.
  • System->Install step 2 now allows unmounting liveCD when desired and is more user friendly.
  • System->Install step 3 now allows overriding bootfs protection and is more user friendly.
  • System->Install step 4 redesigned in multiple ways, adding new protections, displayed data and new features like setting up portstree.
  • System->Install (submit) now installs on the background and provides better feedback during installation.
  • Validating input has been redesigned to give more accurate user feedback.
  • Now creates pools with access times off by default.
  • Now uses absolute paths to binaries to prevent problems with custom installations.
  • Various bug fixes and many other changes.
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