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Posted on 23 August 2011 @ 20:37
As many of you may have noticed, was offline for about 10 days during August. A very set of circumstances occurred and it took some time to reinstall a new server and get everything back online again.

The server I have been using had a nice fast 100 megabit connection and I was given this server for free; however without any professional monitoring or SLA of course. Since I have no physical access to the machine either, I rely on a friend to solve any problems that cannot be solved remotely. Unfortunately, when the hardware of this server broke down, that person was on (well deserved) vacation, leaving nobody to fix the server.

Right now I've rebuilt a new server, setup the software environment and transferred all data again. This takes time and was the reason for the lengthy downtime of about 10 days. I really hope to prevent anything similar from happening in the future. That is why during the downtime I also got access to another server located in California, USA. Multiple servers would be useful so that in the future, a redundant server may take over the duties should the other fail.

During the downtime I also began to work on 'multiple master servers' in the ZFSguru web-interface - a feature that uses service and system image database from multiple servers, with one preferred server that is accessed first. This adds automatic redundancy in case of failure as well as speeds up response time due to there being US + EU servers available; with the possibility of more servers in the future.

Please allow to me apologise for the lengthy downtime; as stated I hope that the steps above will help to prevent any such lengthy breakdowns in the future.

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