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Posted on 29 July 2011 @ 22:14edited 8 September 2011 @ 11:40
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got him: the ZFSguru 0.1.8 final release!

Changes in this version (versus 0.1.8-preview4)
  • new default visual theme; much more pleasing to the eye and should work very well on both Firefox and Chrome
  • improves the Disks->Advanced page by adding a spindown check and allows changing APM setting
  • now hides obsolete system versions on the System->Install step2 page
  • explains the advantages and disadvantages of GPT versus GEOM formatting on the Disks->Physical Disks page
  • fixes the Disks->Benchmark page allowing benchmarking to work properly again
  • recently released iSCSI-target service addon to restore and improve the iSCSI-target functionality of 0.1.7

Download LiveCD

Download Web-interface

You can also upgrade your existing system:

Updating your system
Reinstall using the System->Install page and follow instructions. You can reinstall on a running Root-on-ZFS installation to the same pool, as long as the new version has a different name than your current running system.

Updating your web-interface
Updating the web-interface is easy; just visit the System->Update page and hit the update button.
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