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Posted on 1 April 2011 @ 23:52

I revoked the earlier released 8.2-002 system image. I renamed it to 8.2-002-pre instead and will remove it from the database in a few weeks from now.

Anyone using this system version should upgrade to the updated system image.

To check what version you are running, visit the Status page. If it tells you 8.2-002-pre, then you run the old version and need to update.

To upgrade to the newly released 8.2-002 system image, use the System->Install page and follow instructions.

Is there something bad about the revoked 8.2-002-pre image?
No, but it is incompatible with the new services due to updated port packages. So everything would work, except ZFSguru services, first introduced in 0.1.8-preview3.

I run 8.2-001, so that is even older?
This is the version most people run at the time of writing; it also does not support the services architecture coming in new 0.1.8 release. But this version does support iSCSI so you may be cautious with upgrading. All these versions are stable production-quality releases, however!
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