Latest interface: 0.3.1
Latest system: 010
ZFSguru can be downloaded as a LiveCD and USB image. Both are capable of performing a ZFSguru installation. After this installation procedure, the LiveCD or USB stick is no longer required.

Download ZFSguru 10.2.003 LiveCDDownload ZFSguru 10.2.003 USB image

WARNING: please update your bootcode if you have formatted your disks with previous versions of ZFSguru!

NOTE: if you download the USB image, please read these instructions on how to use it!

Distribution System Web Download Size Checksum Instructions
LiveCD10.2.0030.3.164-bit422 MiBSHA512LiveCD
USB10.2.0030.3.164-bit375 MiBSHA512USB
LiveCD (old version)10.1-0010.2b964-bit378 MiBSHA512LiveCD
LiveCD for 32-bit9.2-0010.2b832-bit298 MiBSHA512LiveCD
Web-interface only-0.3.1web-interface1242 KiBSHA512Manual install

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