Latest interface: 0.3.1
Latest system: 010
First used in release
ZFSguru 0.1.8-preview3-livecd-amd64.iso

System environment
FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE amd64
patches: mps driver imported from 9-CURRENT 20110224

Stable system image used for 0.1.8-preview3 and above.

Changes relative to previous version
New extension infrastructure. This system version is the first to support ZFSguru 'services' - extensions that can be downloaded using the integrated bit-torrent client. System images released prior to this version (including 9.0-001) will not support these extensions, so upgrading is necessary.

This version now lacks istgt (iSCSI-target) package, since this would be contained in a ZFSguru service extension package at a future date. Do not upgrade yet if you require iSCSI support!

Recommended stable system version.

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