Latest interface: 0.3.1
Latest system: 010
First used in release
This system image is not released on any LiveCD .iso image.

System environment
FreeBSD 10.0-RC1 amd64

Features extra kernel features:
  • OFED Infiniband networking
  • Device polling (enable polling with: ifconfig re0 polling)
  • AltQ traffic shaping

Please note that device polling is only enabled for these network interfaces: bge, dc, em, fwe, fwip, fxp, ixgb, nfe, nge, re, rl, sf, sis, ste, stge, vge, vr and xl.
AltQ traffic shaping requires pf firewall with suitable /etc/pf.conf configuration.

Changes relative to previous version
  • features ZFS v5000 support, known as 'feature flags'.
  • features ZFS LZ4-compression, which is very fast and offers good compression ratios; a true breakthrough in compression!
  • updated system configuration (loader and rc configuration)
  • updated boot sector (/boot/pmbr) for ZFS v5000 support
  • X-server is available as KMS-only release and has experimental Gallium3D-support enabled

Caution: fewer services available
Be warned that this experimental system image does not support all services offered by the stable 9.2-001 system version. In particular, the following services are missing:
  • X-DirectConnect
  • X-Handbrake
  • X-Virtualbox (the regular 'Virtualbox' without graphical client is available, however)
  • X-XBMC
  • jabber
  • nagios
  • virtualbox-legacy (the regular 'Virtualbox' service is available; version 4.2.20)

Experimental release, update not recommended.

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