Latest interface: 0.3.1
Latest system: 010

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What is ZFSguru?
ZFSguru is a multifunctional server appliance with a strong emphasis on storage. ZFSguru began as simple web-interface frontend to ZFS, but has since grown into a FreeBSD derivative with its own infrastructure.

The scope of the project has also grown with the inclusion of add-on packages that add functionality beyond the traditional NAS functionality found in similar product like FreeNAS and NAS4Free. ZFSguru aims to be a true multifunctional server appliance that is extremely easy to setup and can unite both novice and more experienced
users in a single user interface. The modular nature of the project combats the danger of bloat, whilst still allowing extended functionality to be easily deployed.

This website is going to be revamped soon, stay tuned for updates!

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