Latest interface: beta9
Latest system: 10.1-001

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What is ZFSguru?
ZFSguru is an operating system specially designed for reliable data storage. ZFSguru is based on FreeBSD, an advanced UNIX operating system. Despite being unknown to the big public, it might be interesting to point out that Apple's OSX operating system is based on FreeBSD. Projects like Windows, Linux, Firefox, MySQL and other projects all benefitted from FreeBSD innovations.

ZFSguru allows you to utilize the power of advanced software innovations, while keeping things simple! Exactly what you need, something that is very advanced but also just works when you press the button!

What is ZFS?
ZFS is the most advanced filesystem on the planet. It is vastly superior to any legacy filesystem, like NTFS and Ext4 - one of which you are probably using right now.

Superior you say?
Yes, and not by a small margin. ZFS is the next-generation filesystem which combines filesystem, RAID-engine and logical volume manager all in one package. By melting together these three separate worlds, new emerging properties become possible. ZFS' prime benefit is formidable protection against data corruption - an issue getting more important as harddrives increase in capacity.

Is ZFSguru for me?
Are you one of many home users who store a lot of personal data, accumulated over the years, and want to store those in a safe and easy way? Then there should only be one choice: ZFS! Consider the advantages of using ZFSguru:

  • Use high-quality RAID and filesystem technology provided by ZFS. Get rid of the bad quality RAID solutions available on Windows!
  • Use normal desktop harddrives without the risk of breaking your array. Windows onboard RAID and Hardware RAID configurations require you to buy expensive "RAID-edition" harddrives which have TLER-enabled firmware, increasing the cost of your build.
  • Includes a sectorsize override feature for 4K sector harddrives that emulate 512B sectors, like Samsung F4 and WD EARS.
  • Use cheap SATA controllers or HBAs instead of expensive RAID controllers; your onboard SATA and add-on PCI-express SAS/SATA ports are fine! Plus you can all combine them in one big pool if you want.
  • Enhance the data security of your stored files by enabling ZFS to use checksums to protect the integrity of your files. And if the unthinkable happens you want to know about it! No more silent corruption which plagues traditional RAIDs and RAID5 in particular.
  • Spend only seconds setting up and sharing your pool to the network; ready for use.
  • Easily upgrade the web-interface to a newer version with a few mouseclicks.
  • Install ZFSguru to your pool, allowing you to boot directly from ZFS, requiring no separate system disk.

Do any of those sound appealing? Do you want an easy appliance that focuses on storing files and making those available on the network, in short, something simple? Then my project should be a perfect candidate for you!

Please note: this product is currently in development, and still lacks certain core features.

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